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Pune Weather

Pune WeatherLocation: Maharashtra
Altitude: 560 m (1837 ft)
Best time to Visit: October to May
Annual Rainfall: 722 mm

Situated near the western periphery of the Deccan Plateau, at 18º 31' North and 73º 52' East, Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra. Deemed as the cultural capital of the state, it bustles with tourist activities throughout the year. The city's pleasant landscape and salubrious weather are two prime reasons of its popularity amongst the vacationers. Mainly, Pune experiences three distinct seasons in a year - summers, winters and monsoons. In case you want to drive down to the city, first check out this article and get all the information on its weather and climate.

The summer season in Pune arrives in the month of March and stretches until mid-June. During this period, the maximum temperature soars to around 38oC. The days remain very hot and sultry, with the warmest month being April. Quite often, the mercury level falls to around 30oC. However, owing to its high altitude (560 m), the temperature remains favorable during nights. In the month of May, the city experiences severe thundershowers and piercing downpours, which lower the temperature, but increase the humidity level.

After the sharp summer months, the monsoon winds from the Arabian Sea lend a soothing touch to the air in the month of June. During this month, the city also experiences heavy rainfall. However, as a whole, Pune receives moderate downpour, with the annual rainfall being 722 mm. Due to the southwestern monsoon, frequent spells of rain assault the place, especially between the months of June and September. July is the wettest month, with incessant showers often continuing for days.

With the retreating of the monsoons in October, nights become comparatively cooler. Finally, winters arrives in November and stretch until February. During these months, the daytime temperature remains somewhere around 28oC. However, temperature dips down during the night, reaching a minimum of 10oC. During December and January, the winter temperature often falls down to as low as 7oC. Often, chilly winds blow, making the climate very pleasant. The best time to visit Pune is between the months of October and May, when the weather is accompanied by fresh winds, blue skies and crisp air.

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